Current Fingerprint packages on Linux

Hello together. I searched but could not find recent updates to the current status of the fingerprint function in this forum.

I am running a debian bookworm alpha installation (5.19.0-2) and installed fprintd and libpam-fprintd, both version 1.94.2-2.

I am able to start the enrolment after installation via command line, and everything seems fine. However after activating libpam-auth, testing with e.g. sudo -k && sudo -i doesnt ask for a fingerprint, only password. When trying to re-enrol or enrol a different finger, the process finishes with “an unknown error has occured”.

The same issue when purging all packages and trying to enrol via the KDE system settings.

Does anyone have any updates on how to enable the fingerprint or is it still not working very well?

I ran into this issue when distro hopping when I first got my framework, tracked it down to my fingerprint being remembered by the device, but not the OS. If you enrolled a finger, but cant do it again, it might be this. In this thread there is a script you can use to wipe the reader memory and try again. I hope it works for you, I had a hard time getting the reader to work in anything until the distro included supported for it.