Custom Fedora OCI images for Framework laptops

Yeah for a more stock experience you’d use the “main” base image, silverblue-main for stock GNOME, kinoite-main for KDE, etc. You can atomically switch between any image (or back to Fedora) – the commands for each image are on the image list. It usually doesn’t take long to switch, the rebase will download and apply the changes so it doesn’t redownload the entire full OS.

So I’m guessing no Framework Laptop 16? :joy:

The workarounds, they are for the 13 - correct.

Just a quick update that we got some documentation up and going!


w00T! Go team, go! Shared the latest on our Discord channel, # linux


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Should anyone wish to “roll their own” Bluefin but also make sure it runs well with Framework, this video is for you.


Alright everyone, we got a volunteer to help us out and now have a bunch more images for you to play with!

Here are the images: Packages · Universal Blue · GitHub

Here’s the quick rundown.

  • silverblue-framework is GNOME
  • kinoite-framework- is KDE
  • vauxite-framework is XFCE
  • lxqt-framework is LxQt
  • sericea-framework is sway
  • mate-framework is MATE

I’d also like to point out base-framework, which is an image without a desktop, it’s useful if you want to start with someone smaller for your own customization.

We still need to do some things like adding a shortcut to set kargs, but that’s inprogress. Note that we also are not building ISOs of these currently so you’ll need to rebase to these by using the Fedora Silverblue installation media. But we’re got them up and building so it’ll only get better from here!

Here’s the repo, feel free to file issues and feedback, thanks!


Alright, some followon updates!

We’ve enabled F39 builds so if you want to rebase to the beta and try it then that’s an option for you. (You can always atomically flip back to 38 if you want).

Additionally we now have Fedora Onyx builds on F39:

And lastly, we noticed that the TLP package in Fedora was out of date (1.5.0) so we’ve copr’ed up TLP and are now shipping 1.6.1:

I’m currently on the road with my Framework 13 with the new TLP and everything seems to be working great. I’m unsure if the amd-pstate/intel_pstate changes affect every day performance, so just throwing it out there to see if anyone has any insight on that.

The builds are automatic now, so if you’re on the F39 beta you won’t need to do anything when the final release comes out. Thanks and enjoy!


Do you anticipate these images working for AMD? I am hoping to try ublue when my batch 2 AMD Framework arrives, but unsure if it is already known that it will [not?] work.

EDIT: I have now read the relevant documentation, of course only after posting. :person_shrugging: I’m guessing this means it probably won’t work perfectly out of the box, but it doesn’t look that complicated so maybe I would be able to make needed changes myself (provided it can at least boot).


I’d be surprised if it didn’t boot, but if there are model specific differences then we’re set up to account for those.


Got some goodies for you with only a few days until F39 final!

If you’re curious about F39 we’ve been building those images for weeks now so if you’re not affected by an F39 blocker you can switch to it and give it a shot. I’ve personally been switching back and forth just to keep track of development. Not having to reinstall to try a new version of something is a great feature!

We’ve landed some new wallpapers in the images with both light and dark variants.

You can find the source for these here:


I’ve been running Silverblue F39 beta on my AMD Framework, and it works incredibly well. So well that I have been scared to rebase to ublue, even though I know in theory it should be safe, but I am just getting used to immutable OS for the first time. Will hopefully try it when F39 lands!


Not advocating rebasing on a system you’re afraid to change, however, this would be worth a read: Introduction - Universal Blue

Silverblue needs extra stuff to match Ublue. And, for Intel 13th Gen users, we have our own image thanks to the Ublue team- nothing extra needed.

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I’d like to try out bluefin on my AMD Framework 13. Would it be better to install the base image or the Framework (albeit Intel optimized) image?

Yeah probably stick to the non-Framework image on the AMD one, though let me know if there’s specific tweaks you need!

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It seems that currently the kernel parameter amdgpu.sg_display=0 is at least somewhat helpful in mitigating graphical corruption issues that occur with AMD. Not sure if that is possible to add.

I just sent in a pull request to add it! We’ll split the setup commands into -intel and -amd specifically. (I’ll update the docs later today)

Also filed this issue for the headphone jack if someone wants to take a stab at it!


@Jorge_Castro ; power-profiles needs an out of tree patch if you don’t want to use one of the alternative fixups - details in this thread:

You can blacklist userpsace govt which sorta fixes it - my kernel cli looks like:

amd_pstate=active amdgpu.ppfeaturemask=0xffffffff amdgpu.sg_display=0 cpufreq.default_governor=powersave initcall_blacklist=cpufreq_gov_userspace_init,cpufreq_gov_performance_init

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Be careful with this; the default feature mask upstream is intentional.


This is controlled by a Kconfig option. Unless it’s been changed in your kernel config it’s unnecessary.


If you’re affected by an issue that needs this, can you please try turning off PSR (amdgpu.dcdebugmask=0x10) and see if that helps it instead? If so; that’s a much better workaround until the underlying issue is fixed.

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