Devices connected to ethernet switch periodically drop connection. Could my framework be the issue?


One thing upfront: not sure if this is the correct place to ask for help, if anyone knows of a better one - please let me know.

Quick description of my (faulty) setup:

  • Router/Modem: Arris TG3492 (from my ISP)
  • Switch: TP-Link TL-SG108 (cheapest one from Amazon)
  • Devices connected to the switch:
    • Chromecast, connected via this.
    • NAS (running TrueNAS Scale)
    • Philips Hue Bridge
    • My USB-C Laptop Dock (Caldigit) which I use with my Framework Laptop

This setup hasn’t really changed for a little over 2 years and almost flawlessly in that time, up until a short while ago. I started noticing the Chromecast losing its connection while watching a show. At or around the same time, my Hue bridge would also disconnect (couldn’t control the lights via my phone) and a little while later (after restarting the switch or router for example) I would receive notification mails from my NAS setup indicating a network issue as well. At first I thought the issue was certainly the router, since it was quite old and I had it replaced by my ISP no questions asked (they wanted to upgrade it to the newer model anyway). This did not solve the issue. Then I thought the switch might be faulty and got a new one on Amazon (previous one was a NETGEAR GS305). This also didn’t fix my problem.

So I’m basically down to one of the connected devices (it is a bunch of cheap gear stuffed together after all) or a faulty cable. I don’t have any equipment to test the wiring (could borrow something from my dad’s workplace though), but I’m leaning more to a faulty device anyway. More precisely, I’m leaning towards my Framework Laptop being the issue, since it’s the only device that has changed recently (I was previously using a Dell XPS13).

I’ve unplugged the cable connecting my dock from the switch and so far the issue seems to have disappeared. Question now is: how do I pinpoint the exact problem? I have no idea where to start. For further info: I’m running Fedora 36. The only possible idea I have left is that this behaviour might be connected to the hibernation settings on my laptop. For example: I’m working on my laptop, no issues with my network. Work’s done, I shut the lid, leave the laptop connected to my dock and move to the couch to watch a TV show. A few minutes in and the network drops. Unplugging power from the switch then quickly fixes the issue.

Any pointers as to where I would start looking to fix this? Thanks a ton, I appreciate it if you’ve come this far.