Dimensions (L x W x H)? & Keyboard?

Okay, perhaps I’ve missed it completely. I’ve looked on the order page when building my new Framework. I’ve searched the information in the support section and the words “dimensions” and “size” do not trigger a return.

What are the dimensions of the most recent release of the laptop (don’t care if it’s imperial or metric)?

You’d think that this tiny bit of information would be easier to find?

Also, anyone familiar with Lenovo keyboards, I’m currently using a t540p and would like to know how the typing experience on a Framework compares to Lenovo keyboards (mushy, tactile/crisp, chicklet-y?)

I’ve only owned IBM/Lenovo since the 301 butterfly/expanding keyboard. I really enjoy the feel and response of Lenovo boards.

Thanks for the help.

And, yes, I’ve ordered the lower i7 13th Gen Intel. Can’t wait to get it.


Did you search this forum, with the word ‘Dimensions’ this is what I get

All the 13.5" are the same else they wouldn’t all have replaceable keyboards etc.

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@Lake I think your best source for that type of information might be the Marketplace, you can look at the specs of individual parts there as well such as the display battery keyboard and input cover.

Your questions does IMO highlight the lack of a single unified place to get detailed information.

Thanks for finding the info I was looking for, as I mentioned, I missed something: appreciate it.

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While it is good that this info is on the forum, it does seem like it used to be on the store page, and was removed when the store was redesigned for the new 13th gen and Ryzen laptops. You can still find the Length and Width on the Keyboard cover and Bottom Case listings, and the height on the Prebuilt laptop page, but it would be nice if Framework would make sure all three are available on the DIY and Prebuilt pages for new users buying the products, as not everyone will know to come to the forum for this information.