Display Backlight not going lower than 3W

Hello I’m currently running Arch 5.18.3 with LeftWM, and tlp configured. I’ve also followed the Linux Battery Life tuning guide. My problem is that I’m currently idling at around 3.5W and one of the main culprit of this is that my display backlight consumes 3W from what I can see by running powertop. I’ve already tried calibrating powertop since maybe it’s just reading it wrong but no still it’s consuming around 3W at 1% brightness using brightnessctl. Any ideas on how to resolve this? Thanks!

Running cat /sys/class/backlight/intel_backlight/actual_brightness gives the correct output of 960 which is 1% of 96000 which is the max brightness of the laptop according to brightnessctl.

I’ve attached some pictures on my powertop report.

Looks like it’s actually btusb causing the consumption, I’ve restarted the laptop and ran powertop again. It’s using about 2W of consumption any fix for this? I’ve turned off wifi and bluetooth already.

Edit: The display backlight is going backup to about 2W and btusb going down to about 1.5W, is this the normal behavior?

id have thought there shouldnt be ANY consumption by BTUSB if its turned off, it shouldnt even be in the list.

This is what I thought as well, will try to do more tests later. Hopefully it’s just powertop showing inaccurate results.