DIY customisation for i7 not available yet?


Just got to know about this awesome company 3 days back… kudos to the entire team of framework :+1:…want to know as to when will DIY configuration for i7 laptops bevavailable? of now only i5 is active i see.
Thnx for all the replies in advance :innocent:

i7-1165G7 and i7-1185G7 are available right now in DIY Edition.

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i’m trying to configure an i7-1185G7 but it does not choose that option though i see it selected…i went through complete configuring to the review tab where is shows me i5 even after selecting i7… are u able to configure an i7?

@HITEN , I am perfectly able to select the i7 option. It may be a problem on your end.

@HITEN could you reach out to with screenshots of the issue you are seeing?