DIY edition Ubuntu - Filesystem in Readonly mode

Hi, I’ve recently received my new Framework DIY edition and have installed Ubuntu 22.04 as the OS with 250GB - WD_BLACK SN770 NVMe as disk. I have experienced a few crashes with no obvious triggering event. Firefox crashes and then cannot be re-launched. All icons on the screen fail and other applications cannot be launched When I try to power off the computer there is an error message from systemd reporting that the filesystem is in read-only mode. After restarting the error is gone.

Does anyone have any ideas what the issue could be or have any suggestions for how to diagnose it?

Warm welcome!

Yes, I experience the same with the same drive type, just another size (1TB).

If you add the following kernel parameters its better, but at least for me not completely gone:


You can also upgrade the firmware of the drive, you can read about it here. This helps as well.
Also good to update your BIOS 12th gen or 11th gen.

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@Anachron It might be best to include how to add the kernel parameters.

@GhostLegion Right, good idea!

You can learn how to set your kernel boot parameters here.

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Thanks both! I’ll give that a go.

@Ronan_McHugh Let us know if it helps and I’ll mark the topic as “solved”.


Will check back Monday, if Op has not replied, assuming it’s resolved and marking accordingly.

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