Do the 11 gen intel laptops have thunderbolt 3?

All I found out about thunderbotl are posts like this one where it is said that the 12gen motherboard now supports thunderbolt 4. I couldn’t find out anything about thunderbolt 3.
Does anyone know if the 11gen motherboards support thunderbolt 3?

You could search the forum if you want unofficial answers.

The article you refer you notes that the 12Gen is certified which is not the same as supporting in the sense of ‘working’

Tiger Lake is the 11 Gen CPU


The answer is yes, the 11th gen laptops have TB4, they just aren’t certified by Intel. Plenty of people use TB4 with no issues on 11th gen. I don’t know what is preventing certification but it’s probably some weird edge case that you’ll likely never run into.


I use a Thunderbolt 3 eGPU and a Thunderbolt 4 dock on my 11th gen i5 on Windows 10 with no issues. That being said, 11th gen is not certified by Intel for Thunderbolt capability because it fails some of Intel’s tests. Framework has not yet published what checks the 11th gen mainboard did not pass (I don’t think Intel will let them, even though I’d very much like to know).


Hey, thank you very much guys. I think that answers the question for me.
I wish you all a merry Christmas :christmas_tree: