Does it overheat when closed

I’m wanting to use my framework with a docking station, and with where the heatsink is I was wondering if it was possible to use while closed or if it would overheat? Has anyone else done the same?

I’m fairly sure someone asked this elsewhere, and the response was that it was designed to be OK to be used closed, albeit it will run a bit hotter than if open.

Edit: Found it!


A note here with benchmarks. I have a 2022 model with the Core i7-1280P CPU, and am definitely seeing some thermal throttling when running the laptop with the lid closed. It’s never enough to notice when using the laptop normally, but it does show up on benchmarks.

Running Cinebench R23 Multi-core score:

  • Lid open: 10535
  • Lid closed: 9715

Lid open or closed, the laptop is always cooler to the touch than my Intel Macbook Pro, so it’s not been an issue, but you can definitely feel more hot air escaping when the lid is open, so it’s fairly clear that with the lid closed it can reach the end of its thermal envelope under sustained load. Then again, you’ll generally only see this in any measurable way when, say, rendering in Premiere or After Effects.

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