Double-sided M.2 support?

I am excited this project to get off the ground!!

Will the motherboard allow a double-sided M.2 drive to be installed??

Almost all 8 TB drive offerings have chips on both sides which raises the center approximately 2 mm.

Is this why you are only offering the single-sided WD Black SN750??

Thank you!

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Yes, standard M.2 double-sided drives should fit. We have about 1.5mm of clearance on the underside of the drive, which is meets the upper limit of the M.2 standard.


Hello, the Q&A above is over 6 months old - can I please request an updated answer that is more confident than a double-sided nvme m.2 2280 “should” fit? For example, how about a Seagate sn520 2tb? I do not expect you to have that particular one on hand, but I do hope you have tested at least one brand/model, and which one please? I understand that there are two industry standard m.2 port heights, one for single- and another for double-sided ssds. Framework engineers should know exactly which one they use on a custom board. I do not want to bend an ssd in an attempt to fit. Please reply in detail. Thank you!

Double sided 4TB Sabrent definitely works (at least two days post-install into my DIY).