ECC - Error Correcting Code - Defaultly Supported Already (Ryzen/AMD)

Hi, based on the here

ECC support is only for normal DDR5 (FP7r2) not LPDDR5/x

The new Framework AMD laptop has two DDR5 SO-DIMM sockets, not LPDDR5.

So I am assuming ECC could be supported if Framework wanted to support it.

But since the company doesn’t mention ECC support anywhere, and is also not selling any configurations with ECC memory in the store, it’s best to assume that they didn’t want to support it and not to buy the new AMD laptop if you depend on ECC support.


Being hit again by faulty (and soldered-on…) memory in my current laptop, and royally pissed off at the loss of time and, possibly, data, I would be really, really happy to see a framework laptop with ECC support.


@nicknameNo.2.7182 FYI - This is very weird. I have saved the page from your link on the 17th of July. In... | Hacker News

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@John removing ECC support sounds really stupid of AMD. That is the main reason why I buy their HW.
In any case - Intel or AMD, ECC support is important to me.


@John I am not sure if you’ve seen in the other thread that AMD sneakily changed the product page for their CPUs between May and October:

It’s now stating: “ECC Support No”

The discussion is pretty much settled that AMD decided to not support ECC on the non-pro CPU models that Framework is using. ECC will not work on this year’s Framework laptops with AMD CPU.