Edge scrolling region of touchpad not functioning correctly in Fedora 35/6

Fedora 35/6 gnome 41/42 kernel 5.17.11 and prior.

I have noticed an issue where the outer left and right edges of the touchpad (the regions used for “edge scrolling”) are “excluded” from the rest of the touchpad even when edge scrolling is disabled.

This can be most simply observed by trying a “tap to click” anywhere along the outer left or right edges of the touchpad. Cursor movements are ignored if the touch starts from either of these regions however you can use these areas if you move into them.

I have tested in Windows 10 no issues but fresh installs of F35 and F36 exhibit this behaviour so I think this a software bug.

Does anyone have any ideas/advice I’m likely not the only one to have noticed :slight_smile:

Thank you

Have you installed any specific driver or done any custom settings for Fedora? I don’t own the Framework Laptop, but all my other laptops with Fedora Workstation (regardless of version) use two finger scrolling by default and no edge scrolling at all. I’m not even sure where you’ve disabled edge scrolling.

No customisations, this occurs on fresh installs of F35/6 at least with gnome. Edge scrolling is disabled and two finger scrolling is functioning as expected besides this behaviour.