Embedded Controller Question

I have been playing around with trying to optimize performance on the Framework 12th gen. At times it feels like I am fighting the hardware. The only thing I can get to work reliably is thermald with dptfxtract, but I suspect it is working because it mostly conforms with what appears to be hardwired. So my question is does the embedded controller overwrite msr changes with a built in power profile/thermal profile? Are my changes in userland doomed to be overwritten unless I build recurring writes into them.

Note: I am happy with the current performance → noise ratio, but I like to optimize and using the throttled package I get a lot more performance unfortunately I have to turn secure boot off, which I would prefer not to. I am using Fedora 37. PLan on exploring powercap as an option but I don’t want to wander down into that valley unless I know I am not dealing with what amounts to a brick wall.

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Sounds like a queston for @DHowett