Eric Schmidt, Ex-Google, Wants a Kill-Switch on Your CPU

Eric Schmidt, the former Google chairman, told Reuters in a recent interview that high-end processors should have kill-switches.

“Knowing where the chips go is probably a very good thing. You could for example, on every chip put in essentially a public private key pair, which authenticates it and allows it to work”.

What he won’t tell is that this is already a reality, as I learned after having my air-gapped system and Pixel phone wiped remotely for researching “silent speech interfaces”, which goes against Google’s interest for the public to know about. There is no security when silicon trojans are inside of every CPU.

Can Framework make a laptop that isn’t vulnerable to what Eric Schmidt wants?

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Sounds only one step away from having chips in people’s brain to authenticate them and allow them to be employed in the appropriate arena.

Chips that update the ‘Central Core of the Human Exploitation Data Bank’ that can monitor physical abilities, intellectual and cognitive abilities and emotional responses. Of course the bankers will have to move over the collection personal data as an exchange mechanism OH! I forgot that already an existing overcurrent.

Can you prove this? I am curious


The trouble for Eric Schmidt is that as the CIA found out with its attempts to hamper Iran’s nuclear weapons program these things come back to bite you. Once such a mechanism is available state actors and others will try to hack it and someone somewhere will someday succeed.

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