Excited, but have my first complaint

I watched the Tested video and then immediately put in my pre-order. Both to support the idea and also because I have some spare parts that I could use in the DIY kit. I thought “$800 for a nice laptop? Sure!”

But then I noticed in my account, under orders, that my order was actually $900. I had seen that there was a $100 deposit. “Deposit” sounds like a partial, pre-payment; perhaps a “good faith” kind of thing. And “Est. Price” sounds like “this is the amount you will pay”. But then to find out that the deposit is in addition to the “Est. Price” listed I felt slightly deceived.

There was a very brief moment where I considered canceling my order, but as I said I love the idea and want to vote with my dollars. @nrp, you’ve got my attention and my support. Please be a good steward and don’t abuse them.

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You made me take a look at my order receipt…the $100 deposit is a pre-payment:

Subtotal $1,171.00
Shipping $0.00
Est. Tax $73.20
Est. Total $1,244.20
Deposit $100.00
Remaining amount due before shipment $1,144.20

The estimated price during configuration doesn’t include tax which might be why you’re confused.


I just looked at my pre-order and I agree, I’m pretty sure it is a pre-payment image

I was watching the “Est. Price” at the bottom while I was putting in my order. It was $831 when I submitted it, but when i check my order now, it says:

Est. total $931.88 Deposit $100.00 Remaining amount due $831.88

I’m almost certain that is due to tax. My tax was >$100 which would explain the discrepancy. Proof:

I actually don’t even see tax listed anywhere on my order. I had to go to the email, and indeed it was tax. …it’ll get ya every time.

@nrp false alarm. Keep up the good work.

As far as I can see, it does not show tax until after you have placed the order.

I’m glad it’s cleared up! We tried to make it clear in the checkout, but it is indeed a pretty complex set of numbers to communicate. Just to double confirm for everyone:

  1. The $100 deposit is pre-payment of $100 of the final total.
  2. During checkout, we estimate the total with estimated taxes based on your shipping address. This is an estimate because we will need to recalculate taxes based on your final shipping address before we ship out the product.
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