Exhaust vent on underside bulging

I have had my Framework (Batch 3) for a while, maybe logged about 100hrs worth of use on it. Zero drops or hits and taken good care of it.

It had no QC issues when I received it brand new over a month ago, but now I’ve noticed just today there’s a bulge on the exhaust vent on the underside that’s around an inch wide.

You can barely see it in the photos, but it should be very evident in the video clip. I’m applying even pressure on all the spots.

I haven’t had the laptop close to load (with max fans) for very long periods of time (~20 minutes) and not very often, but I have to assume this was due to thermal expansion of some sort?

Imgur album with images and video clip: https://imgur.com/a/GsUbkh9

Anyone else have this issue arise?

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That hasn’t happened to mine, and it has gotten quite toasty at times.

What if you loosen off all the screws on the bottom cover and re-tighten?

FYI The vent on the underside is the intake, the exhaust is at the screen hinge facing backwards.

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That looks more like a QC issue and less of a thermal expansion issue. If the aluminum got hot enough to deform I’d imagine the plastic inside would’ve deformed too.

In fact, how does the area look like inside of the laptop?

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this look weird. I have never seen something like this.
Is the buldge empty? (are there something under it that is pushing on the bottom cover)
If no, then that’s more weird. It might be that it’s a small bulge framework deliberately added in to improve airflow. Maybe.

The bottom of the unit is normally flat.

If that spot got bumped or pushed in from the bottom, it could have stretched the metal slats slightly. While you would expect this to result in a bend IN, not out, it’s possible that the slightly stretched material created tension in the slats and due to the specific shape/internal stresses of the surrounding metal, caused it to pop/bow out instead of in once the metal was slightly stretched. Just a hypothesis.

I seriously doubt thermal expansion would cause that. Aluminum is very good at transferring heat, so I can’t imagine a spot that localized becoming super hot unless you were directing a flame at it or something. Plus, once it cooled, it would shrink again. It wouldn’t remain “expanded” after it cooled down.


Could it be you accidentally put in a screw that is the incorrect length in the area?