Explainer: Lid rigidity, hinge force, the CNC Top Cover, and the new 4.0kg Hinge Kit

But feelings aren’t very objective. What’s loose for one person can perfectly fit for another.
But nvm. as I currently would just get them because of I feel like I would need it, I’ll stick to the stock hinges for now. Maybe until I order more stuff I’ll just add them.

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I think my replacement hinges have also started getting loose, the screen falls over more easily again

I too was hoping to get the 4.0 kg hinges with my replacement but unfortunately that seems to still not be an option Framework will provide.

If I now bought the 4.0 kg I would own 3 sets of hinges… Would have paid mostly for cost of shipping and still could end up with lower force hinges!

Stable screen > one hand opening.

Well, if I would have enough hinges, I would try to squeeze them or somehow try to make them more tight.

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I was thinking to try and improve the old hinges since my replacements are getting loose but I’m not too sure of a good long-term solution. I would like something that can be fastened so it cannot flex but the space is limited…

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Two of my friends recently both bought Frameworks. And their hinges are so much better than mine. Which makes me wonder if I managed to get a faulty set when I bought my laptop, followed by another faulty set as a replacement from customer support -_-


Thanks @Framework for the transparency in communication!

I think everyone in the community appreciates your desire to make your customers happy by releasing alternate parts for alternate use-cases / experiences.

I love my Framework laptop, which is why I came here to say that lid resonance is a functional issue. As we all know, laptops are intended for mobile computing which means they will not always be used in completely static situations. There will be dynamic environments (hand-carrying, car-transport, plane-transport, etc.) where the laptop will be used frequently (daily commute). Those dynamic environments will have common and uncommon perturbations to the laptops’ lid and hinge mechanism. I can appreciate that understanding what forces and perturbations are common vs. uncommon is challenging, but it is important work for this to truly be considered a mobile laptop.