External monitor flickers constantly

I just installed the 2nd memory stick, tuned to 4k60, not a single flicker!


Just to chime in on this for anyone else, I had a serious problem with image tearing when using fractional scaling on Linux (thread here). I also had the external monitor screen flicker problem. I didn’t put the two together.

I moved to two RAM channels (added the second stick) based on some reading around the Xe GPU and how much it likes symmetrical memory. That solved (more or less) my tearing issue, but I didn’t think to check for effects on the flickering. I just tested and sure enough, my flicker went away, too.

It looks like the Xe GPU really likes symmetrical memory, at least with the Linux drivers.

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So, maybe the Framework team should say this for their future customers to know & order 2 memory sticks?

Beware, if you want to run linux on your framework, better get 2 memory modules, because it saves you tons of headache (no matter if you’re a wayland or x11 person)


For folks on Ubuntu, I upgraded to Ubuntu 22.04 (the newly-minted LTS) this morning, and am mildly surprised to see a significant improvement in my external monitor: no flickering or black-outs … even with single-channel memory (1 32GB stick).

So far it’s only been a few hours, but the external monitor has been rock-solid. And my second memory stick is set to arrive later today (classic timing), but this is working for me right now.

I can confirm that two memory modules completely fixed the issue for me.