External monitor LG40 Ultra Wide connects and reconnects via USBC

Hi, Can anyoen help me identify what the issue could be as it related to my Laptop and monitor combo?
I have a 12 Gen Framework Laptop & LG40 as my external monitor but when ever i connect them via the USB-C thunder bolt cable. It connect via sound notification, the monitor screen turn on but then right after it turns off. the Charging signal on the battery flashes on and off also from my observation.
Today is my first using the laptop & monitor combo, I have downloaded all the updates from Framework. But if you don’t mind helping me through this I’d really appreciate your time.
The same external monitor connects without issues to another laptop via the same cable. (Hp Envy 360)

If you’re using Windows, make sure that you have installed the 12th gen driver bundle, and not the 11th gen (this seems to be something that has caught a few people. Otherwise, you could try connecting with an HDMI or DisplayPort cable, just to test that other solutions work, or you could try unplugging the USB-C card and plugging the cable directly into the mainboard (not a long term solution, but could lead you to a problem with an expansion card.) If all else fails and you aren’t able to get a response from any other users with this setup, you could also send a message over to support to see if they could help you out.

Yes I have updated to the latest drivers for the 12 Gen system. I can confirm this because on first power up 5 keys weren’t working along with keyboard gestures but after the driver update all keys began to work and the key board gestures…
The HDMI cable work without issues, but I am sure a lot of people would prefer a one cable setup just like what I am trying to do but then there is the current issue.

Yeah I reached out to support and the conversation has started. Will post the solution once I get it.

September 30, 2022 - YouTube[Video of issue]

Try this:

hi @Second_Coming I what you suggested but nothing changed.

…then just keep this in mind: The Framework Laptop is not TB4 certified. Also, nrp said the certification body didn’t have the relevant test cases at the time, and were developing the appropriate test cases. So, base on that, I, personally, took that as “It’s not TB4 on the Framework laptop”…and lowered by expectation.

Reach out to FW Support, maybe they know something that’s not publicly documented.

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Yes @Second_Coming I have reached out to @FrameworkSupport on the issue. Also on reddit there is another person having a similar issueReddit post

@S_Walrond, are you able to get any further to get it working?

Hi @Second_Coming no I wasn’t able to find a soltuoin yet, but the FW team sent over a link to Intel for me to test a thunder bolt3/4 driver.

I wont be ale to test this until friday.
If you have a Thunderbolt LG monitor with the same issue as mine, let me know how it goes for you.