External Screen Stay On With Screen Saver

I use the built in and external displays off my Framework (both via Display Port to 4k and/or HDMI to 4k monitors). I’ve noticed on Win 10 that when the screen power is shut off with power management (but laptop remains on with external power) the external displays are disconnected. This results in me haveing to relayout all my windows after wiggling the mouse to wake the laptop up.

Any ideas on how to preserve the layout throug power management cycles (like on all my other laptops and desktops)?

I’ve tried this as a work-around for now:

That work around doesn’t work in all cases. I’m finding that after sleep, the laptop’s external display through DVI adaptor is no longer recognized. Sometimes it is detected by moving the USB adaptor to the other side but mostly requires a power cycle. This sounds like a bios problem @FrameWork.

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It is definately the DP adaptor. HDMI doesn’t see to have the same problems, at least with the latest bios running.