Fan / Heat dissipation

The fan is so quiet and not audibly disruptive for me. In fact the first time it ever ramped up, I thought it was a quiet light rain starting… Took me a bit to even realize it was the fan. So pleasant sounding, and even full on, very quiet.

Speaking of ramping up. It has only done it a few times so far, once when installing the PCB design software I use & love (AutoTRAX DEX PCB) and once when I started final output file for a Black Magic DaVinci Resolve rendering. Other than that it pips up on occasion when a new program starts up, and then dead quiet again.

Been getting a full 7 hours out of a full change. Barely warm to the touch. And I don’t notice it on my lap as long as my knees are spread out comfortably as the air intake has full access


Very nice, 7 hours sounds good.

I would even suggest a way to make the fan curve more aggressive, even in the windows “better battery life” mode. I use it on my lap most of the time and notice the laptop getting a little warm due to low air flow because of my legs and would be interested in a “turbo” fan mode or similar to try and push through that.
I have never noticed excessive fan noise so far, though I do have my headphones on most of the time.