Fan hysterersis issue?

I’ve noticed sometimes the fan makes a slight chirp as it starts. This wouldn’t be that noticeable except sometimes it gets stuck in a start/stop loop until the fan finally decides to stay on.

Anyone else experiencing this?

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Having a custom fan curve would be a solution to this. Is it possible to do this via software or in BIOS?
Ie. setting 5 thresholds for different fan speeds, or an interact-able graph

There currently isn’t a way to control the fan speed :Fan speed / curve control, and battery charging thresholds - #2 by Kieran_Levin

If/when that’s implemented in the BIOS then that would certainly fix it. But it may need addressed in the default fan profile depending on how many people have this issue. At least one other person is experiencing it that I’ve seen: OpenBSD on the Framework Laptop

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I commented on the other thread, but we’re adjusting the firmware to have the fan stay on for a minimum length of time to avoid the spin/up down cycling.

The chirping noise is “pulse stretching” noise at fan startup, we believe. That one there is unfortunately no software fix for and we’re including improving that in the spec for the next fan hardware we kick off.


Perfect! Once the fan profile is fixed the chirp is innocuous enough, I’ll chalk it up to early production model quirk :stuck_out_tongue:

Kudos for being on top of all this.

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When you source a new fan, would we be able to replace it?

Is the “chirp” you refer to, @jeshikat, a click? I hear an occasional clicking sound from the keyboard area. It kind of sounds like a page of a book being turned. Usually I hear it just once, but sometimes it’s once every 5 minutes or so over the course of 30 minutes. I assume the sound is being caused by the fan?

Separately, I’ve noticed that the fan is quite loud at max speed (or what I can only assume is max speed).

Sounds like the same thing. As I understand the issue, it’s the fan motor reacting to the PWM signal from the motherboard at startup in such a way that it causes the noise.


@jeshikat It seems you can now control the fan via fw-ectool (Linux)/CrosEC (Windows) and fanduty

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Sorry, just to be clear, what’s the cheapest path to eliminating this issue? Is it sufficient to just buy the heatsink and fan? Or, should I update the mainboard? My laptop was shipped to me in late July 2021.

To follow up: I tried a new fan, and encountered the same problem.

I have also had an extended discussion, off and on, with customer support on this over the last few months. They were very helpful but didn’t seem to want to venture any guesses on why this occurs or what can be done about it.

Having spent some time listening to the problem, with the case open, it is clear to me that (1) the sound does in fact come from the fan itself, and (2) it occurs whenever the fan starts up. Perhaps that sudden start of the fan can be adjusted via software, eliminating the noise, I don’t know.

I thought I could live with the noise, but must admit that—after owning the laptop for a while now—it really gets on my nerves.


Do we know if any fix for this has been found? I’ve been using mine for about a month now, and it’s just started today - extremely annoying for me, too.