Feature Request: Bypass Battery in Desktop-Mode

Fair point, should indeed have included that, will also edit my comment with the following:
Anyway, it is my daily driver and I typically use it in desktop mode. Don’t know exactly how many hours a day/week. Typically at least 4 hours a day.
I don’t have another personal laptop/desktop, but I do have a separate one for work.

Yeah ok, that should be enough. I mean if you use a desktop-PC 6-8 years, you would also replace it probably. So and with Framework i just could buy a new battery and good is.

Ok that’s a decent amount of workload. I guess because you use it as a desktop with cable you have not so much cylces. As described above, it seems laptops can bypass battery per default. So this questions is basically solved i guess.

Laptops can already bypass battery, but you should be able to limit battery to 80% or lower, to prevent high voltages. Then you are ready to go for dekstop-usage (but make sure, your temperature is not to high in the device).