Feature Request Megathread

Matte Screen (If possible touch display would be a cherry on top.)
option for the bezel and the keyboard color at check out. (at least for D.I.Y.)
These are only 2 things that stopping me from getting one right now.

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Ability to limit the battery to 80% charge in the bios.


Docking station that plugs into two side ports at the same time.

Ortholinear keyboard. The current key switches are actually quite nice, and the backlighting is great, but non-staggered columns would be even better!

  • larger battery, or batter expansion packs
  • Pre installed Linux with fine tuned power configs (or a git repo some where)
  • BPA-free housing and keyboard
  • Matte screen
  • AMD Ryzen
  • 500+ Nit screen
  • trackpoint
  • cheaper main board options (I would love to recommend Framework to friends and family, but it needs to be in the $500 range)

It would also be very handy if I could configure a system and be able to share a link to the given config with friends and family so they can just add to cart and pay.


How about a disposable skins that rests on top of the keyboard and palmrest? Be great to keep your laptop clean and free of any junk from getting in. Also good to prevent wear and tear. I cannot tell you how many of my keys or touchpad has gotten worn out.


Bios update that let’s the LEDs show a sleep state.
Use the accelerometer plus LED to show battery status if laptop is wiggled or moved in a specific way Red=below 20%
Yellow= 20% to 70%
Green= above 70%


@will2 The framework has a ~55 Wh battery I think, not 43. More would be nice of course, but the Thinkpad X1 Carbon Gen 9 is quite close at ~57Wh.

I will absolutely buy an option that has a good touchscreen with pen support! (Preferably Surface pen support.) I would also like to see a dedicated GPU but would settle for now for a touchscreen option cause I want to support this vision.

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I’ll vote for:
Custom AMD SoC (for alternative mainboard replacement down the line)
Matte Screen Option
Touch Screen Option
Pen Support
Bios that can be updated in Bios

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Maybe there is no big support for that, but I would like “premium” input covers. I don’t have a framework yet, but I own an acer swift 3. I don’t like the metallic look and the cold feeling when resting my hands on the device. In contrast, I like the black xps input covers in terms of look and feel.

So carbon fibre and those niche materials?


Personally, I don’t really care about the material itself. It can be some kind of plastic/rubber. But because I Interact 100 % of the time with the keyboard and the “surrounding material”, I would like it to be non reflective and nice to the touch. This is not the case for me with the acer swift 3 (I realize it costs at least half of what an XPS costs). Since the framework looks similar to the acer, I expect it to feel similar.

I see, it’s reasonably hard making a mold and everything, I think it’s a little bit too large for a 3D printed model. I’m waiting for the people down in China to come up with accessories.

These might be kind of niche ideas, but: (1) Desktop chassis, to turn a Framework motherboard into a desktop system. (Somebody suggested a VESA-mount chassis, which would be one way to approach this.) I can see a few ways to do this, from simplest to most functional:

  • a blank “input cover” that’s just a metal cover, replacing the input cover with keyboard and touchscreen, the hinge assembly, and the screen assembly. With the existing bottom cover kit, this would give you a “desktop” chassis the width and height of the laptop and slightly less than the thickness of the laptop (and you could install a battery if you wanted to). You’d need at least one expansion card for a display and at least one expansion card for a USB port for an input device. It would be a purely passive part: a metal cover that screws to the bottom cover kit. [EDIT: I guess you’d also need a power button, unless you had some way to guarantee that the motherboard was in “power on on A/C connection” mode.]
  • dedicated chassis for motherboard + expansion cards. This would just be a holder for the motherboard and up to four expansion cards.
  • chassis with embedded hub. This would be a holder for the motherboard and up to three expansion cards, plus a hub which exposed a couple of display ports, some extra USB ports, and a USB-C port for power. Since you don’t have the built-in display and keyboard, additional ports will be very helpful. (Otherwise any actual use is probably going to require a hub.)
  • chassis with embedded hub and SATA interface. As above, but with a 2.5" or 3.5" drive bay (or both!) and USB-to-SATA adapter. This way you could install a spinning hard drive and/or a DVD-ROM drive.

Aside from using this now, this might be a way to make your current Framework motherboard useful when you upgrade to whatever’s current five years from now.

And (2), 1U blade-style carrier chassis for 4 or so motherboards, for server use. This could include a power supply for as many motherboards as it supported, using one USB-C port on each motherboard for power, and expose three (or two, to save cost) expansion-card sockets for each motherboard on the front so the user could choose input and display ports for as many motherboards as they populate it with. (Alternatively, it could expose exactly three expansion-card sockets, with a button that electrically switches them among the populated motherboards.)

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A higher-res screen, like about/slightly above 3200x2400 pixels, so UI elements look nice at 200% scaling. (especially for Linux or legacy apps that don’t support fractional scaling)

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If “fn lock” on the keyboard is toggled off, I’d like alt + F4 to still work without having to press fn + alt + F4, or having to remember to toggle on “fn lock”. So, I’d like a BIOS toggle for temporarily overriding the fn lock setting when pressing alt + any function key.

For example, I have a HP laptop where just pressing a function key will adjust brightness, but alt + F4 still always works and I don’t have to press fn + alt + F4.


An fn lock indicator.


Empty chassis. I’m contemplating stripping mine and having it anodized matte black.

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Also, Framework community marketplace where enthusiasts can sell DIY parts or spares.


Some features I’d like to see are:

  • 2560x1440 ≥144hz IPS/VA ≥HDR400 Display.
  • RTX3070 or RX6800M GPU.
  • Mechanical switches.
  • Large haptic touchpad.