[Fedora 35 GNOME Xorg] Wake from Sleep with NVIDIA eGPU?

Hi everyone,

I’ve given up on my previous post of per-monitor scaling for a variety of reasons and resorted to only using the eGPU monitor, but I have one final problem to solve before my setup is viable.

When resuming the laptop from suspend (power button, suspend menu item), both screens will stay black and ignore my input. Are there any known fixes for this? This would happen maybe 10% of the time on mint xfce, but is guaranteed on Fedora GNOME/X11 (with GNOME/wayland, my egpu screen is permanently black). I have set up Nvidia suspend according to this forum post, but the problem remains.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

EDIT: I found a forum post with my exact log (no entries after PM-suspend), and it’s leading me to believe there’s an issue with reconnecting to the NVIDIA audio device on wake up. For some reason, both udev rules and pci-stub kernel parameters aren’t blocking this device, so I can’t try the fix.