"File with your tax authorities to claim VAT back" - Anyone done this?

Well, if it is shared, I didn’t find it and seems like many others haven’t I’m afraid. Yes, you can get an invoice afterwards, that’s clear. But where the invoice will be coming from or that the VAT will be reimbursed is something I haven’t found on the site…

Apart from the fact that the current way of working isn’t “correct” (I can understand it takes time to organize these things!) there should be a clear commitment from Framework somewhere that guarantees:

  • The invoice will be with a French (or other EU) VAT number
  • Within a couple of weeks (current customer support reply seems to indicate that might not be the case) Framework will get back to me and:
  • Framework will issue a correct invoice with 0% VAT
  • The VAT will be refunded

@Destroya Could you confirm the above. If so I will happily proceed with my order!

@TomsonTom @Mike_Klinkert Thanks for the help and information sorting this out!

To clarify a bit more, asking for a VAT refund can only be done after the order is shipped, which makes sense in the current situation. So in my case, I ordered my Batch 1 FW16 laptop in July 2023. When my order was ready to ship (I think it was somewhere in March), I paid the full amount (incl. VAT) in order for framework to ship it. After it was shipped, I asked support for the VAT refund.

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That does makes perfect sense!

The order will have an EU VAT ID on it (our laptops are being shipped from Taiwan and Marketplace orders are shipped from our 3PL in Europe, depending on this, the order might have a different EU country VAT ID attached to it)

The support team handles this in a few days, not a few weeks.

For VAT returns and invoice corrections, our support team can provide further information, the best action here would be contacting them since we do not provide support on our forums.

Hope this helps.

@Destroya Ok, thanks.

I do understand you can’t provide cs on the forum and need to refer to cs. After opening a cs request a couple of days ago, I got the following:


Framework Support is currently under extreme contact volume due to the start of batch processing for Framework Laptop 16. Responses will be delayed. We are working as quickly as possible to respond to inquiries in the order they were received. Thank you for your patience.

So thank you for getting back to me on the forum and reassuring me that VAT will be refunded correctly. I’ll be placing an order…