Finally in Stock, with Expedited Carbon-offset Shipping

We’re excited to share that the Framework Laptop is now in stock for shipping in the US and Canada! Over the months since launching in July, we’ve worked to improve supply throughput even as sales have increased. We brought the pre-order backlog down from two months to now being able to ship out new orders from inventory in under a week. Doing manufacturing in 2021 has been playing on hard mode with constant silicon and logistics shortages, but we have a fantastic operations team making magic happen. We’re also continuing to build our infrastructure to ship into more countries soon, which we detailed in our last blog post and will have an announcement around soon.

For all laptop orders through the end of December, we’re providing free expedited shipping (2nd Day in the US and International Priority in Canada) to reduce the risk of us ruining someone’s holiday. With laptops in stock, we’re continuing to use our Batch system for ordering. If any configurations go out of stock, they will revert back to being pre-orderable, but with a shorter lead time than before.

We’re also happy to share that we’re taking steps to further reduce the carbon impact of our operations. We’ve tracked the carbon footprint of our logistics since starting shipping this summer, and we have bought carbon offsets for all of our freight. We retroactively offset all shipments made so far and will continue to offset all shipments going forward. We’re leveraging Flexport and for this effort. You can see what initiatives the carbon offsets are going to at the website, including reforestation, more efficient stoves for the developing world, and solar and wind farms. We know buying offsets is not a perfect solution, so we’re continuing to investigate and invest in ways to reduce our carbon output altogether across manufacturing, logistics, and product lifecycle. The repairability and longevity of our products is uniquely suited to that, and we aim to build the lowest-carbon laptop around.

Finally, we have an ask for you. Send us the best designers, engineers, developers, and operations people you know. Our roadmap ahead is unbelievably ambitious, and we’re hiring an amazing team to make that possible. We’re still offering a free Framework Laptop i5-1135G7 if we hire someone who you refer to us. All of our current postings are up on our jobs page.


Seen the email title, rushed to buy… Unfortunately this was a USA email but I’m in the UK. Fingers crossed an announcement soon :slight_smile:


Oh no! We’re sorry to get your hopes up, Matt! Don’t worry, we will hopefully ship to the UK soon so you can finally get your hands on one :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


So this means batch 6 will be shipped out sooner?

Great to have an update from you. Hopefully this also brings us closer to a EU release.

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Batch 6 should start shipping in the next 6 days.


Environmental initiatives I think are real and positive: reforestation, recycling, waste reduction through longer-lasting products and use of more sustainable materials.

Environmental initiatives I have no faith on: carbon-offsetting and anything related to climate change.

There might be some truth to anthropogenic climate change, but the science behind it is arcane and full of unknowns, which doesn’t stop it being taken almost as a modern day religion to the point of hysteria by masses that have zero real understanding of it beyond what they read on the (corporate) news. Also, big corps almost unanimously claim to be pursuing “carbon neutrality”, but ask them to take meaningful steps to combat e-waste, resource depletion, or even slave labour (!!!) in countries like China and they’ll balk.


@offtobettershores Companies MUST have some carbon emissions, it is impossible for companies to have zero emissions. But if companies want to be carbon zero why should they not buy carbon credits?

I’d love to hear that some of the Coming Soon items in the Marketplace are available - particularly the bezels and batteries. Any info on those?

@Josh_Cook I have never been (soft-)censored so fast in my life. I wonder who finds my, in my view very nuanced, view so threatening as to flag it almost instantly. But hey, this is the world we’re living in and only makes my point stronger.

My point was: Do scientists really know the consequences of artificially increasing CO2 concentrations in the atmosphere? No, they don’t. Models are anything but accurate as there are too many other factors to consider beyond CO2 concentration. It is still probably a bad idea to continue increasing those levels at the present rate, but, as far as environmental problems go, this is a rather esoteric one.

And so the cynic in me goes: why do corps keep focusing on the esoteric problem while pushing more tangible ones under the rug or just paying lip service to addressing them? Why is it that climate change gets so much press while the degradation of natural environments and the depletion of natural resources take a back seat? You see, as you pointed out, there is even a market for carbon emissions. It’s a game, like the rest of the economy, and keeps the ball rolling without affecting the bottom line too much.

You see, one of the reasons why I was (and still am) enthusiastic about Framework is that they decided to tackle a tough environmental issue: e-waste. It means taking risks and also a cut in the flesh, cause selling long-lasting products means selling less of them, at least in the long run. Addressing the tough and more immediate environmental issues also has CO2 reduction as a byproduct. That’s much more meaningful and credible than buying carbon credits.

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Soon, we promise! We will be sure to update you all when we have them to sell as I can’t wait to place an order for the grey bezel :slight_smile:


Thanks, @FrameworkBee. I want an orange bezel!

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@offtobettershores Framework said above that the carbon credits go towards reforestation and all of those good things, All they are doing is supporting environmental projects.

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@Josh_Cook Yes, it goes towards reforestation, which I’m strongly in favour of. It also goes towards “more efficient stoves” and “solar and wind farms”. Those are aimed squarely at the “carbon” problem and nothing else. Or do you think solar and wind are fully sustainable? They create environmental problems of their own and are arguably not a better alternative than, say, nuclear.

Hey, to the anonymous little grinch who’s flagging every single one of my posts: bother to elaborate what’s so offensive or inappropriate about them?

I do think solar and wind has its downfalls, the materials required for solar panels are single use. Wind can kill birds so nuclear tends to the best.

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We have gone ahead and approved your posts. As long as the conversation stays civil and productive, it should be okay to stay up! :slight_smile:


@FrameworkBee , I am a little biased. But I have always spelled the color GRAY. :wink:

If I ever break the original one, gray is definitely what I would order!

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LOL! I didn’t even notice! A lot of my family resides in the UK so I have picked up some of the spellings/slang over the years :joy:

I am glad you love the ‘gray’ one as much as I do! :orange_heart:

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I’ve suffered :grinning: with that bias for years.