Fingerprint Reader Blinking Red

I just upgraded to a 12 gen Intel board and after a couple of days of normal use my finger print reader started blinking red. The fans are not running and Windows 11 is reporting a full charge on the battery. Everything seems to we working well but I cannot find any documentation as to what this light means.

Any help would be great. Thanks in advance.

Is it just the power button/fingerprint reader blinking or the charge indicators on the sides too?

Blinking red light in my experience means a empty battery… Very strange.
If the side lights are also red then it’s the top cover detector not being triggered correctly.

The indicators on the side remain a solid white regardless if I am connected to wall power or not. Also the fingerprint reader only blinks when the laptop is disconnected from the charger. Additionally, Windows 11 no longer shows any information about the battery health or charge level in Settings or in the taskbar.

I created a service ticket earlier in the day but have not received a reply. If anyone has any suggestions let me know.

I suspect my batter is faulty, but I will update when I hear back from customer support.

Were you able to find out what this was about? I just started getting this issue yesterday on my year-old i7-1165G7 laptop. The power button LED blinks red when I’m on battery, even though the laptop sometimes continues to work fine. Or I should say it seemed to work fine yesterday – the power button started blinking again today, and soon after the laptop hard powered off as I was using it even though the battery was at >90%. I was able to immediately power the laptop back on, but this seems like a major problem since I mostly use the laptop on battery power.

Check your battery cable. I had a bent pin. The connector still fit but one of the pins was out of alignment.

I love my framework, but that battery cable is too fragile.

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