Fingerprint reader.........Linux Mint

Linux Mint sent an update out a few hours ago… " libfprint-2-2 ". Mint say this is the entire linux collection of programs for all known fingerprint readers, from multiple projects. Apparently this has connected all the linux finger print projects and programs together in this into one file… ??

Good luck… but worth a try to install or upgrade??

i don’t use mint but libfprint is what you need to enable your fingerprint reader, yes

Do not install this! Blacklist it (select “ignore future updates”)

The version pushed out yesterday is “1:1.90.2+tod1-0ubuntu1~20.04.8” (how do they come up with this mess?) but the key thing to note is that this is 1.90.2 and we need 1.92.0 to support the hardware.

It won’t work.

We’ll have to wait for Linux Mint 21 in order to catch up, should be in a few weeks.


Thanks for the replies… looks like a CAUTION situation. Looking thru all the fingerprint reader problems, nothing seems to be consistent…

The update I mentioned looks like it is a version or two out of date? Refer to Fraoch above… v192xx needed, and this update is v190xx ??

For Mint users, as Fraoch (above) mentions… LM 21 is due to come out soon. SO be patient maybe the best advice for now.

However an article by John Mayson mentions this… (Copied and Pasted below)
Maybe this would also work for plain old LM20.3??

How to install LMDE 5 on a Framework laptop

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Framework laptops have the latest hardware, requiring a Linux kernel >= 5.12.

LMDE 5 “Elsie” is a Debian-based Linux Mint and ships with the 5.10 kernel. It’ll install on a Framework, but it won’t recognize the wireless card.

The easiest solution is to upgrade the LMDE kernel to >= 5.12,

Install LMDE 5

Install LMDE 5 as you would any other disto. You will need to provide a network connection. I shared my phone’s Wi-Fi connection via USB. Once installed, log in. You still won’t have Wi-Fi, so keep your alternative network connection running.

Upgrade the kernel

I chose 5.16.0-0.bpo.4-amd64.

sudo apt update -y
sudo apt upgrade -y
sudo apt install -y linux-image-5.16.0-0.bpo.4-amd64


Once the laptop comes back, login and update and upgrade one more time.

sudo apt update -y
sudo apt upgrade -y

Configure Wireless

You should get a notification asking you to configure your network. The wireless card is alive and it wants bytes.

Fingerprint Reader

sudo apt install -y gir1.2-fprint-2.0

Install the two .deb files you just downloaded. I find everything works better when installed via the Nemo file explorer instead of using the dpkg command line tool. Simply navigate to the download location and double-click on each file to install them.

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