Fn key stopps working on PopOS after a while

When starting the system, the FN key’s are working just fine. I can press Fn+Left and it triggers Home and so on.
But after some minutes or hours, the keys just stop working. Pressing Fn+Left just triggers Left, and all other special keys don’t work as well.

It then sometimes happens that the Fn keys start working again after a while. I didn’t find any pattern on how to reproduce this so far.

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I just had this for the first time in one month of use.
After a reboot the Fn came back.
The machine is a i7-1165G7, I am using an Artix Linux distribution (Arch based, without SystemD), the kernel is 5.19.8-artix1-1.

Same problem on Fedora 36, kernel 5.19.11, BIOS 3.10. I’ve only been able to get it working again with a reboot.