Fourth update on Framework Laptop 16 shipment timing

You’re right, thanks! With the lighting it looks like are green board :smiley:

I’m pretty sure it’s the same material, I think it’s a matter of the light reflecting differently, which you might never be able to get absolutely perfect.
I also think a full-length trackpad is a nice idea, but I also also think to first go fully modular was the right call. This is still a first-gen product and everybody here demanding Apple-like materials and finish, doesn’t think about what kind of company FW (still) is.
Because it is so modular, there is possibility and opportunity to create different modules down the line, which is the whole point.

I definitely want to see a bigger trackpad, but I understand that it will take a while until FW or somebody else comes out with a finished drop-in replacement


I know we can’t have the same “perfection” with a modular concept than an Apple laptop. And that’s fine. I prefer a computer that will be upgradable and software-updated more than 6 years.
But the modularity, on this specific trackpad case, bothers me. It doesn’t brings much to me (it’s personal) and I hope it won’t bring some weakness points

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It kind of makes sense because if they were to create on large trackpad module, there would be a lot of wasted space and I bet a lot of people would be complaining that they dont have enough space for additional modules. I would rather have the little gaps from the spacers than a large trackpad that would likely become e-waste once I need a module there

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Not necessarily so. The trackpad module could be modular itself, comprising the actual electronics and a passive frame to hold it. That frame could be styled freely (big ones with three different positions for the pad or something resembling the current solution). Just replace the frame to get a new look and feel.

I think this was updated recently:

Or maybe just Google’s crawlers just got to it.
EDIT: Ah, no, my bad, that’s from the 28th of December


As far as I know, there is only one connector in the bottom half of the laptop where the trackpad connects, and that is for the trackpad itself. I don’t see how there will be any future “modules” next to the trackpad. The spacers are there ONLY for the alignment of trackpad, in case of people either having the keyboard on left, right or middle. My guess is that vast majority of users will have it on the left with numpad on the right or some screen, OR in the middle.

It doesn’t have to be Apple like. I don’t know of any other mainstream company which has a laptop with the “apparent” fit-and-finish difference that the FW16 trackpad has because of the spacers. I am a huge fan and supporter of the company and the mission, but whenever I see the spacers around the trackpad I start to look for alternatives, but I don’t go through with buying another because of the hope that FW will make a trackpad module without the spacers in future because of fan request and interest, especially after they will start using it daily.

Framework 16 modularity allows you to choose between a centered keyboard and a keyboard with a numpad. That’s IMO the main reason for a modular trackpad. It allows you to place the trackpad below the keyboard in both cases.

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Interesting. Haven’t seen an entry in the CES exhibitor list

I’d like to replace those spacers with something more useful, too, but Framework seems to be working to capacity so they are unable to adress such a feature for now.
Sadly, the mechanics for those spacers haven’t been released yet, complicating 3rd party developments in that area, and according to the following official statement, it doesn’t look like this is going to change anytime soon, so in the meantime we need to exercise patience:

Framework support:
While we don’t have immediate plans to release touchpad spacer mechanics, we appreciate your interest and will consider your suggestion for future developments.

Maybe. That’s also a good time to have your tech announcement lost in the flood.

It has now been two weeks, do we suspect a delay due to the thermal issue? I suspect there’s still some things up in the air to be ironed out in order to give an accurate update tomorrow or Friday.


There isn’t much room there, the mounting parts take up half the space.


And the upper modules will block the connectors.

That’s true, if you center the keyboard module and use spacers or the matrix modules left and right from it.

I’m not yet convinced, that it’s impossible to develop e.g. an lcd display module, which can be used in place of both spacers, but won’t be able to look further into it, until my FL16 has been delivered.

As you can see on the backside picture of the keyboard module, there is a nose on the opposite side of the connector, blocking the connector underneath unnecessarily, so I did inquire about that and got the following answer:

Regarding the nose on modules like the keyboard, it’s primarily a design element and doesn’t serve a functional purpose. However, the backside module pictures provided on our Marketplace aim to offer a clear representation, and we understand your concern about potential blockages.

To summarize: there is a possability to develop and use another module in place of the numpad touchpad spacers, but it limits the constellation of the remaining input modules. I will look into that, once my FL16 has arrived and I’m done with my other projects around it.

I would expect it’s for stability, good fit and finish. Keeping that corner down firmly during times when there might be slight flexing, like holding the laptop by one end or maybe even typing.

In place of the numpad? You can certainly create other modules there. There are examples to start people out on Framework’s github. I thought you were talking about the touchpad spacers on the lower half.

Whoops, my bad, I meant the touchpad spacers, of course.

Typically they post the updates in the U.S. afternoon (at least from my email timestamps), so there is still some time for us to wait, I would imagine. Just a few hours, though : )


This means that if the final qualification process doesn’t uncover any issues, we’ll send the first “We’re preparing your batch” emails to Batch 1 customers in late January.

Good news


Well, they’re actually a Framework 16 at CES, so that’s bound to take some of their attention.

EDIT: And…we have a new update! Fifth update on Framework Laptop 16 Shipment Timing


Oh I am curious, was the AMD driver bug basically the GPU driver crashign for no reason? My 7900 XTX does this on Phantom Brigade, Darktide, and others.