Framework 13 with AMD 7040 Series and High Refresh Rate Display

AMD 7040 Series mainboards with 780M graphics should support HDMI 2.1 (4K@144Hz) × 2 or USB4 (8K@60Hz) × 2.

Specs from a unit in Minisforum suggest the 780M can do it (Minisforum UM790 Pro 7940HS Mini PC).

So, should we expect a new Framework 13 Display Kit with a higher refresh rate in the near future? It’d be nice to have a higher refresh rate on the laptop and also push a 4k 144hz external display.

The internal display uses DisplayPort (eDP), not HDMI. The AMD processors support DisplayPort 2.1 according to AMD, 4k@240Hz:

However, the processor capabilities aren’t really what makes display modules difficult (many people have asked for an OLED screen option before), the non-standard 3:2 aspect ratio limits which displays are available.


@jschievink You’re probably right re availability. Thanks for the link.

A 90 or 120hz 2k oled would be really nice, especially if it came with variable refresh rate for the battery life but unfortunately I don’t know of any panels that fit the somewhat unique size of the framework 14.

The 14inch 90hz 2k oled panel lenovo and asus uses is just a bit too big for the framework.