Framework 16 Power Consumption Benchmarks

There is some very deep work going on that will improve how compositors blend planes together. At least with scanout configurations (how you would nominally want to show video for low power playback) this will improve consumption significantly.

Here’s the ongoing work for the lowest layer stage - how the GPU driver will change cursor blending:

There’s some links in this thread as well for the changes being made in libraries and compositors as well.


I discovered that in Fedora, compared to 100% setting the displays scale to 200% increase the powerconsumption about 10% and 125% to 175% increase the consumption about 40%


Is it possible this is not an issue with Fedora per se, but rather the desktop environment? I’m not showing any noticeable difference in power consumption between 1.0 and 1.5 scaling in Sway on Fedora 39.

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Yes different compositors can use graphics hardware differently. Using the graphics hardware will increase power consumption. Using display (dcn) won’t.

This is why for example using WARP for a terminal uses more power.

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Hi, which DE are you using?

One thing I haven’t figured out yet is why a TTY session draws more power than Plasma.

In addition to higher consumption, some programs get the wrong resolution with the scale. When playing Minecraft on 150%, the game displays 1704~ish instead of 2556, which may lead to lower power consumption

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I’m curious how well Ghost Spectre would work or improve the battery life, has someone tried on a Framework yet?
Right now I’m debating between that or just debloating the normal win 11 :thinking: