Framework Customer Experience

Hello Framework Community!

I’ve recently joined Framework as our Head of Global Customer Experience. It’s a big fancy title that means I’m accountable for making sure we’re doing all the right things to scale our operations as we expand our global footprint for Framework products. We’re still a small company as you can see in the About section of the website, and we’re hiring! Setting up and sustaining international operations is a challenging process, and Framework is getting the right team, the right systems, and the right partners in place to make sure we’re able to support customers all over the globe. Being transparent, we’ll likely make mistakes along the way, and we’ll learn from those mistakes and evolve, with the help of you, our Framework Community. Your feedback will be instrumental in our success as a company, and yours as a community of passionate, tech-loving, right-to-repair-supporting, e-waste-reducing individuals that are in sync with our mission.

Framework’s Founder, Nirav, recently blogged about our efforts to scale our infrastructure to meet the global demand for Framework products and I encourage everyone to give it a quick read to better understand what we’ve been focused on and why properly supporting new countries/regions is an elaborate process with many moving parts. Shortcutting any step in the onboarding process can lead to poor customer experiences that we don’t want existing for anyone. For this reason, we kindly ask for your patience as we build out our international operations, obtain all the necessary approvals/certifications, and architect a customer experience that you deserve. We’re extremely limited in the support we can provide if our products are outside of our officially supported countries, which are currently the US and Canada, so we strongly encourage you to please wait to make purchases in other countries/regions until we’ve announced official support.

We know we’ve been a little slow to respond to support inquiries as of late. As more people have heard about Framework and our mission, demand for information and support has spiked, and we’re scaling our support infrastructure to meet that demand and hopefully exceed your expectations. As we head into 2022, you’ll notice improvements across the board, and we thank you for hanging in there with us while we hire on staff, improve our systems, and streamline our support flows.

I’m extremely excited to be here and join this great community. We’re making big moves here at Framework, trying to influence real change in an industry where purchased tech doesn’t always feel like something owned, only leased. Framework products are yours to make your own, and we’re excited to see where you take us next.


A little more about me via the introduction thread: HERE

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Welcome, and thank you for joining Framework…

I worked on setting up server sites and customer service all over the world and I know the challenges you all are having.

Patience is key, and lots of donuts at 3am.


Welcome @TheTwistgibber! Good to see the Framework team expand. Like many others, I’ll be eagerly watching as you guys prepare to cross the Atlantic and start your operations in Europe.
Best of luck!