Framework grounding issues when charging?

Hi. I’ve just recently noticed with my batch 4 framework that the chassis feels electric when charging, and physically hurts when touching the edge or corners. Has anyone else noticed anything similar?

Stop using the laptop IMMEDIATELY. Contact support. This is a potential major risk to health.



What adapter and plug are you using.
Clearly 2 pin plugs are not grounded and 3 pin ones sometimes are not either.
Two things you can try if you do not take the advice of the preeding post

  • Ground the laptop
  • Use a conductibe wrist band to ground your arm/hand

The other possibity is that it is static. With static if you are one that has excess charge you will transfer that to the laptop if it is grounded.

If the laptop has static and your feet or other part of the body is grounded then the charge will coem from the laptop via you to ground.

It you have a voltmeter you can try and check the voltage between the laptop and ground. 50V can be noticable, but if it’s static it won’r cause you any harm, not so sure about the laptop.

Take care, have fun and keep in touch.

Thanks for the heads up. I didn’t realize the risks. I’ll be contacting them for sure asap.

I’m using a 100W multi-US charger using an adapter to work with Korean outlets. The multi-charger only has two flat prongs, so it doesn’t seem grounded.

If I use an adapter with Korean ground connectors, the electric feeling disappears.

It looks like the issue might just be the adapter I was using then.

I’ll update yall once I get this sorted out.

Okay so this is probably not Framework’s fault. Get rid of the non-grounded charger, those things are unsafe and should never be used.

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Yeah. You seem to be right. I switched the adapter to one that has Korean Grounding contact pins and the electric feeling is gone when using the same 100W charger.

Thanks for the heads up! Case closed!


Try testing the output voltage for ac.

Not that I suggest you try but if you have tested more than once it tends to rule out static

Although using a three prong with earth helps it is still a questionable tactic, and workaround.

Thanks for the updates. However even adapters fitted to 2 prongs should be ‘safe’ as the mains and dc output should be well isolated, so the adapter is probably faulty and could do with junking.

Personnaly I would smash it so no-one else will try to use it.


How would you test AC with a USB-C connector?

Not easily now you mention. I’d get an spare cable cut it and check via the wires or buy a new USB C plug and wire it.

You may fine a male USB to male USB cable/adapter and then you can check the voltage via the exposed contacts, but they are small ???

I imagine the current is very low if it a short as it could easily mess up the laptop.

The real issue is now you have a three pin do you want to try a 2 pin to find out as the ground pin will likey supress any ac.

Maybe you can find a friendly repair shop that will have a look ?

This sounds like a bad idea

You mean testing the adapter?

Currently the adapter, which if faulty, is being used with an earth pin. So I’m not sure why testing it alone would be a ‘bad’ idea.

Note I’ve already suggested trashing it as the better option in terms of safety etc.

Note that unless the wiring in your home is way wrong, there is unlikely to be a safety issue. The Framework Power Adapter is grounded deliberately to avoid this scenario though where an aluminum chassis laptop feels “tingley”. If you instead use an ungrounded power adapter though, you could experience it. Here’s a knowledge base article from another notebook maker with some detail on this: Information about the mild tingling sensation - Lenovo Support US


Thank you for all for the information, guys.
For clarification, I only have a US plug for a high-wattage charger, and they do not work with Korean outlets.

The tingling feeling is no longer present using an adapter with ground contact pins. I’ll be looking for a Korean charger for the long term, and this will only be a temporary solution.

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I’m sure you know what you are doing but just to clarify, though I’m in the UK.
As both the UK and S Korea use 230V then my adapter would just require a different cable from the adpater to Korean mains.

Some adapters can accept the range of 100V to 250V which I think the Framework one does, so then all that is required is a cable as in my case.

If you have an adapter only suitable for 80V to 130V then yes it is unsuitable.

More info on another thread about cables etc.

I don’t think anyone manufactures USB PD chargers that aren’t universal (i.e. 100-240v)

You can use a grounded charger at home, and a more compact ungrounded charger when traveling.

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