Framework Laptop in Windows S Mode and Secured-core

Hi! New to the forum. Super excited to find this laptop! I am starting a new e-waste and repair/reuse business focused on (obviously) repair. I love this laptop and I’m looking forward to buying one in the future. I’m inclined to wait for AMD, but I could probably be talked out of that.

I am also a privacy and security maximalist. I prefer to use GrapheneOS or iOS on mobile and macOS on an M1 MacBook. iPadOS is also an option. I have a question about Windows 11 security. If I were going to purchase a non-Framework Windows laptop, I would purchase a Surface Laptop 4, as it is available with Secured-core and can run Windows in S Mode.

Can the Framework run Windows 11 S Mode? I am not super fluent in Windows stuff so I am not sure if it has specific hardware requirements. I assume it does, as only certain PCs are listed as Secured-core on their website.

Thanks in advance for any guidance you can provide!

If you can find the download for Windows 11 S, then it may work. But it is quite pointless to put windows into S mode as it greatly limits what you can do with it. If you’re conscious about security then the best advice is to not download shady files from websites which should stop most attempts. Windows Defender is sufficient for most AV Tasks.