Framework Laptop location: Where are you from?

I’m curious as to where everyone is, by the closest international airport.

It’s strange, I don’t know how to explain it, but I feel like we are all part of this Framework family.

I’ll go first: YVR

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YTZ - Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport

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BLI (Bellingham WA) my primary airport, with SEA(Seattle WA) as secondary, and my mother ship Joint Base Lewis-McChord

15 minutes from EWR, then JFK.

San Francisco (could visit framework hq if I wanted). Also its probably better not to use acronyms.

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Just about equidistant from EWR and JFK.

PTY (padded to 20 char)

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YYC - Calgary International Airport

Hoping there’ll be enough FAA / IATA airport codes to build a heatmap.

PIA (probably could not visit Framework HQ so easily :slightly_smiling_face:)

Václav Havel Airport,
Plzeň, Czech Republic

You got one shipped out to you?

No, but I’m seriously considering buying one after my Nitro 5 breaks.


It isn’t but 40 minutes away:


YKF, Region of Waterloo International Airport, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

If we are using airport codes then my location code is a CYZD ( Downsview Airport of Toronto). More precisely – Vaughan/Concord, “The city above Toronto”, ON, Canada.

YLW - Kelowna International Airport, BC, Canada

Approx: 4 hours West to Vancouver,BC, 6 hours East to Banff, Alberta.

DFW - Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas

Need more data…

Splitting time between MKE and OAK.