Framework SplashScreen for KDE (and maybe Gnome)

Hey everyone,

In my spare time i have made a splashscreen of the framework logo for KDE Plasma desktop environments.
A Splash Screen is a custom loadingscreen when starting your laptop/desktop.You can change it via the splashscreenstore in Plasma.
The default splashscreen is:

But i changed it to:

You can download it via:
Settings → Appearance → Splash Screen → Get New Global Themes → ‘then search for ‘framework’ in the searchbar’

Your ideas/ changes are welcome at


Cool idea!
Looks like the image is getting scaled? Looks like the inner circle is about 215x250 pixels


Maybe a stupid question, but does having a splash screen slow down the OS launch? I’m running Manjaro Gnome and it seems like the time between the bootloader finishing and the login prompt is much shorter than the logo animation (even though it looks awesome and I would love to use it). Ubuntu had the dot animation splash screen, but Manjaro just has a brief black screen.

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@Anil_Kulkarni thanks for the feedback. Tomorrow I will create a fix for different aspect ratios

@dkt01 no the animation stops when the desktop environment is loaded. On reddit I am asked to make the animation 1.5 times faster .I’ll keep you updated

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Posted this on Reddit, and posting here as well.

Hey there, I really liked your idea.

I don’t use KDE, so I went ahead and did something similar in Plymouth. I believe that this should be usable in most distros.

I put it here: ~jameskupke/framework-plymouth-theme - sourcehut git

Let me know what you think.


I’m using both KDE and Plymouth, so I went ahead and installed both to try it out.

I noticed the squashed logo in the KDE splash screen, which I assume is due to the theme being designed for 16:9 (like the screenshot) and not 3:2. I’m also not a fan of the date or the red loading wheel on the splash screen, as I like the simplicity of just the animating icon in the center.

The Plymouth theme is really cool. Looking through the files, I see that the password screen (for opening an encrypted root volume) can be configured, so it would be awesome if it could be made bigger so that it’s easier to see on the Framework’s kinda high resolution screen. (If you don’t work on that, then I might). Also, the theme includes a Fedora watermark, which I removed since I’m using Arch. The only other thing I noticed is that the logo appears much larger when shutting down, but that’s not the theme’s fault (some sort of bug between Plymouth and display scaling it seems). Otherwise, I really like it, and wouldn’t change anything else myself.


Oh heck yeah! This is dope! I’m going to have to try this out tomorrow.

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I don’t have a password when I boot up, is that because you have LUKS? I can make some edits, but I would be a little blind, so if you have an example of what you are trying to do, I can make some edits.

Whoops! I copied from one of the default Fedora themes, and the watermark logo copied over. I suppose the best way would be to remove it and then add some instructions to the README.

@Anil_Kulkarni , @dkt01 , @LRFLEW
I made a fix for different aspect ratios and made 3 versions
one with normal speed, one with 150% speed and one with 200% speed
Checkout the updated GIT repository:

I hope you like it!



Removed the fedora logo from the folder and added some notes in the README for adding your own watermark. Thanks for the feedback.

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Yeah, I’m using LUKSv2 on my root partition, so that’s where the password screen is coming from. If you’d be working blind, then I can totally work on it myself instead. I just don’t trust my graphic design abilities, so I’m not sure I can make it look good or work well with the rest of the theme. Looking through framework/framework.plymouth and the related PNG files, it seems like it should’t be too difficult to make it work at a larger size, even if I just upscale the existing image files.


Yeah, afraid I’m not too much help. I was looking at a few videos to see what the experience is, and it looks like the prompt is coming directly from the terminal instead of plymouth, correct?

If that’s the case, did you try using the setfont command?

I see this doubles the font size:

setfont -d

If you are trying to do something more permanant, maybe this page will help.

Without Plymouth, the password prompt is in the TTY, but with Plymouth (and the kernel parameter splash), it’s done in Plymouth. With the theme as-is, the password prompt looks a little like this, just without the Fedora watermark and text instead of the keyboard layout:


Merry Christmas!

On the password screen, I don’t think you can apply the animation effect, but you probably apply a background image. Was there one that you were thinking of?