Graphical BIOS vs blue/grey?

Just a quick ?… I was watching a youtube video of a framework 13 setup… the bios was a nice graphical one.

I have a gen 11 batch 3 13 - and my bios is blue/grey text. I believe I’m on the latest bios, but will double check.

Think I need a bios update, or is that graphical bios only on later gen 13s??

Thanks, rockstars!

Seems to only be the 13th gen. I was surprised too.

Looks spiffy, seems to have the same functionality.

UEFI has always had this capability, a lot of high end desktop boards have graphical UIs for “BIOS”. I’ve seen a few lower end ones that don’t. As long as the functionality is there, it doesn’t matter to me. In fact the graphical UIs can sometimes hide settings if they’re in “EZ” mode.


Ok; thanks for the reply. You know something - I don’t think I’ve EVER had a PC with a graphical bios! I use MacOS for my desktops and the dozens of ThinkPads I’ve owned over the years always had a text bios… I was thinking maybe that was about to change, but it’ll seemingly have to wait till I upgrade my framework main board…

That’s fine - one day I’ll be ordering a Ryzen board for my frame. Appreciate the answer.

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May I present to you my desktop UEFI, which can be positively baffling, but looks good.


I’m curious to see what it looks like! If someone could send a picture or video link that would be great :slight_smile:

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I like the dos-like BIOSes more, they have some “you better know what you are doing here”-vibes :sweat_smile:


Some screenshots in this thread:

I’m not a fan of the ‘gamer’ BIOS’s that hide things nor a fan of the looks of the one from the screenshots in the other thread mentioned above
The blue/grey BIOS is okay but gives a feeling of being on a 2 decade old computer
I think we should have something that looks more modern but also makes everything easy to find and accessible
In the end it’s something I would hopefully only have to go into once and forget about so looks aren’t too important

Thanks for the screenshot. I like them and wish I could have it on my gen11.

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I was wondering for the Intel boards, can Framework get support for Intel for the BIOS instead? Intel NUCs have a visual BIOS which I think is good enough territory. Though not sure how long is Intel’s BIOS support.

Would be nice if I could see it on my 12th Gen, but I am waiting for 14th Gen Intel to drop on Framework, so I guess I might see it in a year maybe.

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The Intel NUC BIOS does look very pleasing

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That was the reason why I was wondering if Intel could chip in for that aspect (for all Intel Framework mainboards), might not cost much either.

Framework probably has some sort of agreement with Insyde (who developes their BIOS) so Intel would have to work with them. Those companies have collaborated in the past so it wouldn’t be unlikely that they would again.