Graphics appearing in bands

I’m running 21.10 with Cinnamon.

Sometimes when I click on a menu or open a new window, or sometimes even click on a website’s menu within a web browser, it doesn’t appear all at once, one or more horizontal bands of it will appear and then within about half a second the whole thing will appear. The bands are random in width. Most of the time only one band and then the whole thing appears.

What could be causing this? I know it’s only a half a second but it’s annoying and it shouldn’t happen on a 2021 OS and graphics … :slight_smile:

Video of it happening:

You should live boot linux off a usb and see if the issue is still there

I haven’t seen it at all in the LiveCD installation process.

You could try turning off PSR?

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Thank you!! @Kieran_Levin Seems to have helped. So far seems good, keeping fingers crossed.

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Update: still didn’t fix the issue.
I’ve ditched Cinnamon and using Gnome on Wayland for now. Wayland doesn’t have issues.

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