Hacking machine Framework Laptop

As Framework Laptop is introducing Linux this laptop can be a great use for hackers and also due to modularity they now don’t have to rely on Virtual Machines
They can now also make multiple bootable flash drives to switch between operating system
Imagine you have to use Windows at home so put Windows drive on it and if you use Linux at the office you can put Linux drive on it


For most forms of of hacking/pen testing a VM is still highly recommended, despite multiboot options. Basically boils down to the question “why directly expose my stuff to more risk than necessary?”, especially since hackers also tend to me more security conscious than most… VMs help isolate your environment from the hardware, and vice-versa.


But Imagine the FBI or CIA is tracking you down you have rooted your laptop so you can change your Mac Address but with this laptop, you root it and then if you get tracked take out the wifi card throw it into the dustbin and install the new one

This is just a thought I had when I first read about the Framework laptop
If I could own one then I can tell better what can be down and I can be Wrong as I am from India and I am a final Year student so can afford it so i can do some testing on it

What you are describing is basically a usb wifi adapter which has been around forever. There is no magic to the Framework laptop. It’s just another regular laptop, but with a great modular design.


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