There are many suggestions for expansion cards, but only 4 slots to fill.
But what if a specific card doesn’t need an external port (like storage) AND could be build in a much smaller space?
That’s where i suggest “Half-Cards”. They’re half in length with a pass-through port. So one could put two “Half-Cards” together and put it in a slot, doubling the functionality of one slot.


While this would make for a great setup, at that point the space restrictions would cause a lot of problems. After fitting in a passthrough port, there would be just a few mm^2 space left, which I don’t think is enough for fast flash storage. Maybe a mouse dongle + usb-c passthrough, would be honestly the most realistic option for that.

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That’s not working electronically. You only have a single USB connection so if you a) want to do something with USB and b) also pass USB through, you’d need to integrate a hub circuit on the expansion card. You could very barely fit a hub onto a full expansion card if you’re lucky, no way to put it onto a half one and have room remaining for whatever other function you want to add. Also you’d at least lose power delivery and thunderbolt functionality from that port.