Half of the I/Os won't work after Battery disconnect

I have just used the Battery Disconnect feature in the BIOS in order to replace my SSD, after that, I plugged in the AC power on the right side and rebooted into the system, however, the I/Os on the opposite side, which is the left side of the laptop stopped working, no matter mouses, video cables or AC power, they just like not connected at all, then I reset the BIOS, still not working, then I tried the battery disconnect again, and plugged in the AC power on the left side, It worked again, but this time ,the I/O on the opposite side, which is the right side stopped working, that’s hilarious and I still couldn’t figure out why could this happen and how to fix this. I just hope framework team can see it.

I’ve turned on the Battery Disconnect again, after the laptop shut down,I plugged my M.2 to USB-C dock in the USB-C port, and then plugged the AC power into the port on the other side, and then pressed the power button, now all port are operational again.

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