Hard Click does not work 12th gen manjaro

Well I have many issues I’m trying to resolve, one of them being I cannot hard click with the track pad. I had issues with the Ubuntu install where the trackpad didn’t work at all, so now I have manjaro plasma. Any input is appreciated.

I’m taking a guess as to what you mean by “hard click” since it isn’t explained well. By default Manjaro (at least the Gnome edition) allows both click and tap for left click but only tap for right click. These are configurable under Gnome settings. To get the two-finger click for right-click, I had to run the “tweaks” program and enable it there.

I’m assuming KDE has something to configure that as well?

Thanks nomb85. So yes, you’re correct, by hard click I mean the click for a left click. I’ve changed settings but it does not change any behavior on the touchpad. On Ubuntu the touchpad did not work at all. However, using a USB mouse worked fine. This implies a driver issue to me, but when I look for driver updates, it shows that my system should have the latest. Once I got Manjaro I was super happy at least the touchpad mostly worked, but I don’t have the ability to click and drag, even when I change setting.
I did open it up and check connections for the touchpad too btw.

That’s really interesting. Everything works fine for me with Manjaro on Gnome. Did it work on the livecd?

@nomb85 unfortunately no.