Hardshell framework laptop "case"?

Would anyone else be interested in a hardshell case? I would personally like something like this (a bit thinner perhaps):

Recent Reddit posts showing dropped framework laptops with bent corners have me a little worried. While it’s nice to be able to buy replacement parts… not having to is still the best option. I don’t believe that theirs currently enough framework users to warrant a company making a mold for a case for this laptop sadly.

I was considering 3d printing corner reinforcements for the lid and base. I’m not particularly good at parametric design though. Really need official shell 3d model to boolean off of. Plan was essentially to attach them with 3m foam inside recessed grooves. Not sure if a stiff TPU would be best or perhaps just single wall PLA which would crumple and absorb impact. Even if fully ridged it would spread out impacts I think.

A parachute expansion card is also an option :slight_smile:

It would make it a bit less sleek of course but as one of the Thonkpad converts I personally wouldn’t care.


If Otterbox came out with something to ruggedize the Framework laptop, I’d instantly buy it.

I’ve ordered Dbrand skins for mine, which will protect against scuffs and scratches. My plan to defend against drop damage is to just be really careful.

I’m currently shopping for a carry case / pouch and a separate bag or backpack.

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Hell, or even the equivalent of a Spigen clear case on this bad boy. That would be pretty useful.
The only issue I can see is that you’d most likely not be able to open the hinge to its full 180 degrees with a case on.