HDMI controller board for display panel

There is no off-the-shelf portable monitor on the market with the same size and resolution. Most are 1080p, and the few 4k ones I’ve seen are hit-or-miss.

If the top cover could be offered without the electronics, it would be a bit cheaper, I expect.

Depends on the workflow, another 3:2 may not be needed. Plus, 16:10 is fairly close, if needed. And some are touch enabled, some with built in batteries.

To each their own I guess.

Thank you so much for responding and for all the other people who have helped bring ideas to this thread. This is all great news. The idea of this came from a video by DIY perks where he made a dual monitor laptop setup → YouTube. I recommend watching it as it has a really nice idea and I am planning to do something like this with the usb c method that was mentioned. And also I do agree that it would be nice to have a back cover for this that doesn’t include the camera modules and other things making it cheaper but I would understand economically why that won’t be feasible.


Just received this board, but didn’t read the thread carefully enough. It does not come with an eDP cable, and as mentioned above the framework eDP cable is custom and does not fit the standard connector on the board. I’ve ordered this https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07VMRG7XQ/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s01 and will report back on how it works.

Also note that neither the screen nor the top cover come with the screws required to attach the screen to the top cover. The larger hinge screws are the correct pitch and dimensions; if your build requires the hinges, you can pull one large screw from each hinge and leave the other two screws in place.

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Honestly loving the amount of thought going into this! When Framework initially launched and broadcasted their idea, the first thing I thought of was using primary component parts to make accessories similar to being talked about here. Would love to be able to run the same display as a 2nd monitor for my laptop!

Okay, further report: That Amazon cable works, technically. It’s far too long, it’s a flat ribbon, and neither side has any strain relief so the whole assembly is pretty flimsy and fragile. I used some kapton tape to mask off the exposed pads on the underside of the driver board and attach it to the outside of the lid, and a USB-C extension cable to connect it to the laptop. I’m waiting on a shorter round cable from E-bay (a Thinkpad T480S cable which looks like it’s eDP 40-pin on both sides, with the retaining clip on both sides) and then I’m going to see how much of the lid/bezel I have to dremel away to get the driver board mounted inside.

There are bright/dim buttons on the driver board that work well. I currently have my laptop closed and driving both the driver board directly and a 32" 4k monitor through a Lenovo Thunderbolt dock.

I’d attach pictures, but honestly there’s not much to see other than a patchwork of kapton strips holding the ribbon cable to the back of the lid. The monitor looks and runs exactly like one would expect.


The little board works incredibly well:


Ooh! Neat! I should 3D print a enclosure for that lol

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Could that little board fit inside an expansion card? So then you’re just plugging the ribbon cable into the side of the laptop.

I’m waiting on a shorter right angle 40 pin edp cable, but I think given the strain relief options for edp I’d rather embed the controller board with the monitor and use a USB c extension cable to plug the whole assembly into the laptop.

When it gets here, I’m going to see how much of the bezel I have to Dremel away to make that work.


This doesn’t make much sense, considering constantly plugging in and replugging the ribbon cable would probably break it pretty fast. Also pretty pointless when you can instead just keep the board on the ribbon cable instead.

Ah yes, this is a much better idea :sweat_smile:

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I’m thinking about building two different enclosures for the USB-C and the DisplayPort to make a portable monitor. Just would need a female-to-male cable for the USB-C model.


Weird that the controller board nrp posted has a male plug, i doubt as many people will have a F-M type-C cable

I asked the AliExpress seller if they are willing to do a customized version with a receptacle instead of a plug, but they have been slow to respond.


Would be really cool! Hopefully they respond soon! :slight_smile: