HDR for external monitor

Hello there! My first post :slight_smile:

A bit of rookie here, but I have a display question: I know the Framework Laptop 13’s screen is not an HDR-capable screen, but is the computer itself capable of outputting HDR on an HDR-capable second display? I’m looking at an external monitor that supports basic HDR, am wondering if/ how I could use my new 13th gen Laptop 13 to stream better quality content on the second screen.

Thanks in advance! Enjoying my new device and the community thus far :smiley:

I believe so. The iGPU for both the 12th and 13th gen (or many systems) should be able to display HDR. As long as you use a cable and display that supports the feature, it should work.

I have a GTX 1050 (which is like a 5yr gpu) and a random HDMI cable I found, and HDR works for me. I can’t see why a newer iGPU can’t output HDR. Would appreciate if someone can confirm this.

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Intel has supported HDR output for a long time (6th gen actually). So absolutely no problem there.

HDR processing takes a lot more out if the iGPUs than SDR processing, especially if you are playing 60 fps video or the like. But the mobile CPUs in the FW have more than enough reserves for this. Unless you are like driving 4 displays in HDR, each with its own HDR video playing (or multiple 120hz+ monitors) should also be totally fine performance wise.

Otherwise the HDR itself will still be fine, doing to many things can just lead to stuttering.
That was a big problem that plagued my old Dell XPS 15 (10th gen). It had a great HDR display for a laptop with even Dolby Vision support. But doing that just for the single, built-in 4K60 display made the desktop and 4K videos stutter. But these problems for a single monitor should be a thing of the past since Xe Graphics / 11th gen iGPUs.


Awesome! Thank you both so much for clarifying :slight_smile: Got my second screen, and I think I figured it out (or at least I’m seeing HDR confirmed to stream to the second screen now in my Display settings, so that’s a plus haha)

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