HELP! I totally screwed up!

I totally screwed up!! I installed POP OS and I was loving EVERYTHING about it, as well as how awesome the framework computer was. The only thing I didn’t like is all of the foreign fonts that were loaded, so when I would go into Libre office and looked for a font I have hundred of Chinese and Arabic fonts that I didn’t have. So I downloaded the Font Manager so I could delete the fonts I didn’t want. But I couldn’t figure out how to use it, and now all my fonts are little squares. I can’t read anything. Can I go in and reset things just from the terminal? I can still read things in the terminal. Thanks!

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Try reinstalling your fonts through the terminal :

sudo apt install pop-fonts

That worked! Thanks so much! That was my first lesson in the importance of terminal.


Can I ask you another question? When installing POP OS, they said to disable the secure boot, which I did. I thought I should then go in and enable secure boot again after I have it installed, but it doesn’t work when I reenable the secure boot. Is it OK to leave the secure boot off?

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Yeah. In short secure only allow os that the computer manufacturer’s key signed to boot, if secure boot is enabled. It’s a plus when the os support it but really not that necessary. Don’t sweat it :smiley:

Happy I could help, have a nice day !


Secure Boot is software designed to prevent tampering of OS files at the boot level. For most people it can be turned off.

Ubuntu (which Pop OS is based on) can be installed with Secure Boot on however. But certain kernel levels upgrades or software will then have issues if you didn’t enroll new keys in Secure Boot. So on Linux it is best to just leave it off.

This is why Lennard Poettering (redhat employee behind systemd) bemoaned the security posture of Linux at boot as compared to Windows and Mac OS.


Thank you very much!