Here are some adjustments 'i have listed ( Give me feedbacks so that i can expand the ideas, highly appreciated)

#( This article is flexible to changes based on the valuable feedback from the community so do actively participate)#
Here are some adjustments that are going to be difficult but will benefit both the company and the customer in a very huge manner.

  • This improvements will be affectively and practically applicable for the 13 inch and the 15 inch version.
  1. The compartment for the battery should be engineered to fit a much bigger battery.
  2. The laptop should be engineered to accommodate a much larger trackpad even if its by an unnoticeable margin.
  • The Company should not go out of its way to bring any other major changes.
  1. Making a 16 inch or higher version of the laptop
  2. Making a 360 degree hinge version of this laptop