High Battery drain when computer is in bag

ran sleepstudy report and apparently I was losing power the moment I closed the laptop. it says high usage, but does not provide any applications that may be causing it.

here I have labeled each point where there was drain. as you can see, there is a several hour gap where there was no drain whatsoever, yet the moment I unplugged the laptop, it started to drop

Update: found the culprit, the system idle time during the No CS phase of sleep was running for 12 hours, and ate up 81 percent of my battery.

why could this be? what can I do to fix this?

Been battling this since day 1. FW don’t have a solution, you’ll just have to deal with it or instruct windows to hibernate instead.

What a joke.

If you’re on Windows, I recall LTT have found a workaround : disconnect from network before closing the lid

Also apparently it helps to remove the charging cable before putting it to sleep and not afterwards.

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There’s all sorts of scenarios where Windows won’t actually sleep when you tell it to, or when it’ll wake up during sleep. This is an ongoing issue and Microsoft says it’s intended behavior which is infuriating. The suggestions in this thread are all good. As much as I hate having to work around my devices instead of working with them, this is the fix that’s had the most dramatic results for me: Laptop Fan Ramping Up in Sleep - #15 by Mr_Darcy